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Criminology Theories - Research Paper Example

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Particularly with some people behaving differently than the others, there arise greater fears of wrongdoings, either with or without a cause. People are either killing other people or are getting…
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Criminology Theories
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Extract of sample "Criminology Theories"

Download file to see previous pages In this regard, the science of Criminology can be considered that deals with an understanding of the nature of crimes that occur within a society, thereby focusing on determining the cause of the crime and the prime suspects associated with a crime (Siegel 5). In relation to this science, there are certain theories – demonology, classical, positivism, psychological – that can be associated with particular crimes, in this study the cases being the above mentioned ones.
Let us in brief understand what these concepts mean in order to relate them to these cases, as discussed later in the study. The concept of demonology in criminology attributes an act of crime to other forces in the world and not the individual performing it (Einstadter and Stuart 31). Thus this would consider outside factors to have influenced an individual towards committing a crime. The classical theory of crime stresses that humans are individuals who are independent, and hence a criminal act is committed by them following sensible and cautious reckoning; the execution of a crime gives more contentment as compared to pain (“Classical Theory of Crime Causation”). Positivism theory deals with a systematic application of the scientific method, the investigations based on legal terms, and statistics related to it (“Positivism”). Here the actor is assumed to be focused on more than the act. Lastly, the psychological theories of crime are of the belief that differences in behaviour among individuals are capable of making some people more prone to committing crimes. These differences arise from factors like the personality characteristics, biological factors, or interactions in the society (“Psychological Theories of Crime”). In the current study these four theories would be studied to understand how they are associated with the cases of mass or serial murders as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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