Ethical issues in forensic psychology - Assignment Example

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According to Candilis et al (2007), forensic psychology professionals involve themselves with the evaluation of individuals who tend to be showing abnormal human behaviors or disturbing characters. The results generated from the evaluation are supposed to be treated with a high…
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Ethical issues in forensic psychology
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"Ethical issues in forensic psychology"

Download file to see previous pages ttention should be paid to issues like confidentiality, elucidation of their roles, the intended use and the recipients of the report ultimately generated from the evaluation. This adherence is crucial as it forms the basis of the forensic psychology professional, incase his or her opinion is challenged.
The role of the Ethics Code has always been to provide guidance not only for psychologists, but also offer standards of professional conduct that may be applied in the field. It is worth understanding the fact that the intention of the Ethics Code is not to offer a basis of civil liability and hence to this regard it is worth appreciating the fact that whether a psychologist has violated the Ethics Code standards does not determine whether there is a legal liability on the part of the psychologist in a court action and whether a contract is enforceable or the occurrence of legal consequences.
While making decisions regarding professional behavior, it is important that psychologists take into consideration various aspects like the ethics code while also not forgetting the applicable laws and psychology board regulations. The application of the Ethics Code to their professional work requires that psychologists consider the other materials and guidelines previously adopted or endorsed by scientific and professional psychological organization while also dictating their own conscience in addition to also consulting others within the field on sensitive but important matters (American Psychological Association, 2010). Also, in instances where ethics establishes a higher standard of conduct compared to that required by the law, then it is imperative that psychologists meet the higher ethical standard. Consequently, in instances where the ethical responsibilities of the psychologists conflict with the law, the regulations or the other governing legal authority, then it is also imperative that psychologists make known their commitment to the Ethics Coode while also taking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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