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This is because we are living in an age where the number of private vehicles in the roads has increased. This is threatening the environment in terms of increased amount of emission and also increased fuel…
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Discussion paper
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"Discussion paper"

Download file to see previous pages The article “Crowding and personal space invasion on the train: Please don’t make me sit in the middle” is important in addressing the issue at hand because it seeks to explain why commuters are turned off from using public train for transport. In this research, the authors examine the effect of train density and proximity of seats in increased stress in commuters. The main aim of the study is to investigate which attributes of the commuting experience affect privacy of commuters. This is based on the notion that commuters value personal space as indicated in previous studies. This explains why many commuters refrain from using the middle seats in a train. Different indeces are used to measure the stress in commuters. The research uses a sample of 139 commuters who use train during the rush hour. The results of this study show that increased proximity increases the amount of stress in commuters. It as discovered that the number of passengers in relation to the number of seats did not correlate to increase in stress (Gary & Wener 2007). However, the number of middle seats was associated with increased stress in the passengers using these seats. This implies that personal space contributes to stress in passenger compared to the density in the trains.
The research design applied in this research is realistic as it conducted in the real life environment. Moreover, the results from the study are in line with previous lab studies and other studies conducted in a naturalist’s environment (Cohn 2008). This is because the information in this study was collected using people who regularly use the rush hour train as a means of transport.
Nevertheless, this study had several limitations. The correlation between the car train density and the seat was lower than the expected value. This is because it was observed that many passengers opted to stand ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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