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Change Detection - Lab Report Example

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The aspects of dynamism over time are what constitute change. Several mediums in the human body can detect the changes that occur over time. The…
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Change Detection
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Download file to see previous pages There was allocation of independent variable of the detail level on the target of change and spatial distribution of attention, in this experiment (Hornsby et al, 2009).
The subject of this experiment was to carryout change detection tests to determine whether an observer would notice the changes that occurred before his/her eyes. Most people do not notice all the changes which occur before their eyes. This is not because they are blind but due to reasons such as poor or lack of attention required to notice such changes. In order to detecting the changes require much attention and visual simulation.
The experimental purpose is to determining the abilities of different observers to notice the changes that occur before their eyes. The dependent variables in the change detection experiment were: visual attention to the dynamic region and the internal mechanism attained by specific visual codes for detailed
The experiment was carried out with limitations to observation as a method of detecting changes which occurred around an observer or before his/her eyes. Change blindness method was used to elaborate how visual memory is limited to currently features attended to. The use of mechanisms that provide a central perception to the world made the change detection experiment important (Styles, 2006)
The flicker paradigm was used in the Change detection Cog lab experiment, in order to demonstrate the influence of attention and working memory in change detection (Van Horn et al., 2011). The presence or absence of a flicker between images was the independent variable while accuracy and response time in milliseconds were the dependent variables (Van Horn et al., 2011). The participant sample consisted of 32,789 global participants, including 49 undergraduate students enrolled in Memory and Cognition courses at Houston University, Texas (VanHorn et al., 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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