Investigating Organized Criminal Activity: The Choice Theory - Literature review Example

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An author of the following text "Investigating Organized Criminal Activity: The Choice Theory" attempts to describe the psychological justification of why people commit to criminal acts with reference to the choice theory developed by William Glasser…
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Investigating Organized Criminal Activity: The Choice Theory
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According to the theory developer, criminal behavior can occur due to any of the five human needs that include attachment, desire to survive, being authoritative, freedom and education. In addition to this statement, he also stated that a certain criminal activity is undertaken by any human being after making a rational decision or in simple terms, the benefits and drawbacks of the decision is highlighted before actually committing the criminal act by the person. The theory of choice explains that a criminal takes part in any negative act by judging the advantages and disadvantages of the crime and if the benefits are higher in any regard from the drawbacks then the criminal idea will actually transform into reality by becoming the part of it (Walker, 2007, p.117). For instance: if the criminal considers that the criminal rules and justice system is not strong and related authorities are not highly concerned about the crime then ultimately he concludes that he will not get the exemplary punishment even after committing the most abhorrent crime. This thought will make him perform the negative acts in actual. Similar is the case with abductors and they use the same choice theory. For instance: According to abductors, the only major risk involved in the kidnapping is of being caught that can be minimized by threatening the family of the abducted individual not to inform the criminal justice authorities or else they will kill the kidnapped person.  Read More
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