List and describe the most important milestones in childrens language learning and development, starting from infancy - Essay Example

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In this way, psychologists have long sought to understand and denote the unique stages involved in this process. As such, this brief…
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List and describe the most important milestones in childrens language learning and development, starting from infancy
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Section/# Language Development The stages of language development from infancy through early childhood are perhaps the most notable development of non-motor neural capacity. In this way, psychologists have long sought to understand and denote the unique stages involved in this process. As such, this brief analysis will seek to categorize and concisely explain pre-linguistic, holophrasic, and telegraphic periods of early language development.
The first stage, pre-linguistic stage, involves a child/toddler producing what can only be described as a litany of “jargon.” This stage can only be defined as an exploratory one in which speech patterns are tested and speech-like patterns are evidenced. During this exploratory stage speech-like patterns such as “da-da” or “ga-ga” are employed to represent the very foundations of word formulation that the child experiments with.
The next phase, holophrasic speech, is usually indicated by the ability of the child to point out specific objects or people and call their names. Similarly, within this stage, the child usually develops the ability to name up to three body parts if questioned. Likewise, as this stage continues to develop, the child usually builds upon the rudimentary understanding of communication as being effective to both giving and receiving things. As such, the child begins to request certain items. Such a stage is often accompanied by insistent gestures to help convey meaning where words cannot. As this stage develops the child is able to understand questions and respond with either a yes or no answer or nod or shake their head to denote agreement/disagreement.
The final stage of early childhood speech development that will be touched upon in this brief essay is that of telephrasic. This particular type of speech development is characterized by the ability of the child to string together multiple words in order to begin to form complete thoughts and ideas. Likewise, this stage is also concentric around the child broadening their vocabulary to know, understand, and use words that usually relate to household items, actions, or toys that they are familiar with. Finally, the child becomes aware of what developmental psychologists refer to the “back and forth” or give and take of conventional conversations and is able to make these vocal exchanges rapidly (Vernon-Feagans et al 2012).
Similarly, during the preschool years, the rate and growth of the vocabulary expands at a faster pace than at any other point in the child’s development. Furthermore, syntax, grammar, and correct context are developed as interaction and implementation of the relatively new language skills are employed on a daily basis. Similarly, during adolescent language development, the growth and development of language still exists at a higher rate than it would in an adult; however, the growth rate slows comparative to that that pre-school children experience based on the sole factor of total new vocabulary words added to the lexicon on a daily basis.
Vernon-Feagans, L., Garrett-Peters, P., Willoughby, M., & Mills-Koonce, R. (2012). Predictors of Early Language Development. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 27(3), 339-351. Read More
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