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Some people believe that mental processes are because of biology although bio psychologists believe that the two processes cannot be separated. Therefore,…
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Biological Psychology
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Biological Psychology Core assumptions of the bio psychological approach The core underlying assumption is that mental and biological processes are directly connected to each other (Kalat, 2007). Some people believe that mental processes are because of biology although bio psychologists believe that the two processes cannot be separated. Therefore, it is impossible to separate biological and mental processes.
What historical disciplines converge to create biological psychology?
There are various historical disciplines that converge to create biological psychology but the underlying disciplines are psychology and biology (Kalat, 2007). The discipline is a combination of neuroscience and psychology that determines knowledge of the brain to treat patients. Physiological psychology, bio physiology and behavioral neuroscience assist in defining biopsychology.
What are some of the earliest examples of a biological approach to studying behavior?
The biological approaches to study behavior are traced back by statements given by Plato and Darwin who are one of the famous individuals in the historical world. Plato proposed that the brain is an organ of reasoning that stems from the brain (Kalat, 2007). Darwin believed in the connection between psychology and biology and gave an example of instinct of survival.
What are some examples of modern careers that have resulted from studying biological psychology?
Biopsychology has leads to a many careers such as neuroscience, behavioral genetics, psychopharmacology and comparative psychology. All this areas use combination of biology and psychology in various ways. For that reason, biopsychology is a discipline that can lead to many careers in life for a student in a learning institution.
How do other professionals in psychology view biological psychology today?
Other professionals view biopsychology as a process where biology contributes to behaviors. Biopsychology is viewed as a field that focuses on the importance of biological aspects on behavior unlike other areas in psychology that focus on the phenomenon. Current biopsychology provides assistance in psychopharmacology and neuropsychology.
Kalat, J. W. (2007). Biological psychology.Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth. Read More
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