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The study conducted aimed at finding the effect of caffeine intake on memory of selected group of individuals ages 18-21.  The intake of caffeine is the independent variable for the said study, whereas, the performance of the respondents in a questionnaire is the dependent variable. …
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Psychology Essay: Effects of Caffeine on Memory
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"Psychology : Effects of Caffeine on Memory"

As the paper outlines people in same age groups can have varying degrees of intelligence, which in turn, affects their performance in short term memory recall. The researcher can also employ other methods of questionnaire instead of limiting the test answers to two options. Due to lack of details on variables of the study, the conclusion of the researcher has an arguably weak foundation. Even the employment of method lacks clarity. In the methodology, the respondents were simply divided into two groups, with the control group drinking five cups of coffee. The respondents’ diet and set of activities prior to the conduct of the study were not mentioned. In addition, the time when the study was conducted was also not given. The kind of film played for the respondents and the kind of questions asked were not specified. These are all important contributing factors in performance of the respondents on the set of tests given. The reliability of the result of a research depends on how well a researcher has been able to eliminate or lessen the effects of exogenous factors to the study. One of the most common and simplest forms of statistical test was used in the form of mean value test. The average of the total number of respondents who answered correctly were compared between each control and uncontrolled groups. However, there are other statistical tests that can also be utilized to exhibit the relationship between variables. Read More
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