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The paper 'Videogames as the Thesis Explicitly' focuses on the thesis explicitly as videogames directly influence the psychological impact on the young and budding minds. The writer has brought the issue of flattering modern children and also the parents who push their wards…
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Videogames as the Thesis Explicitly
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Are the writer’s assumptions acceptable?
Yes, writers assumptions are highly acceptable. that videogames are inculcating anti-social temperament in children. Children find it amusing and entertaining, thereby they are encouraging market of the videogame, but children do not have the wisdom to check the game rating and content and therefore author wants that parents should use their wisdom to guide their wards.
Does the writer consider all relevant factors? Has he or she omitted some points that you think should be discussed? Should the author recognize certain opposing positions? How so?
Yes, the writer has considered all the relevant points except the psychological implication of these games, lack of physical output leading to a sedentary lifestyle and eventually obesity has not been highlighted which is becoming the root cause of all ailments prevalent in present epoch in children.
What audience does your author seem to target? What strategies does he/she use to gain the trust and readership of that particular audience?
The author is targeting affluent class who can spend a lot to meet their child's demand and to the parents who are busy in their own pursuits with little time for their kids. These approaches provide poor understanding in children about good or bad temperament and thus inculcates the feeling of practically performing what they witness or practice in their games.
What tone has the author set and how did they establish that tone? Does this tone help or hinder their argument? What can you infer about the author’s persona based on the work you have read?
Has the author established ethos- have they made their authority clear by demonstrating obvious good character?
The tone of the author is mild and appealing which is very helpful to generate awareness amongst the mass, especially for parents. The author seems to be an aware individual who wants to reform the society and prevailing hostile attitude. Although the author has tried to develop ethos but could have done more on the psychological aspects as well to generate an impact on parents outlook and future implications of these games. Read More
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(Videogames As the Thesis Explicitly Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 541 Words - 3)
Videogames As the Thesis Explicitly Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 541 Words - 3.
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