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The response may be physical or psychological, and may result in either positive or negative effects. Transition into tertiary academic institutions is one of the factors that lead to environmental changes for…
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Physical effects of stress on a first year Stress defines a person’s response to change in environment. The response may be physical or psychological, and may result in either positive or negative effects. Transition into tertiary academic institutions is one of the factors that lead to environmental changes for possible stress. This paper seeks to discuss physical effects of stress on a first year student.
Physical effects of stress on a first year student
A student, upon entry into a college, faces transition into a new environment, a change that may induce a significant level of stress due to anxiety and fear of the unknown (Info, p. 1). Meng argues that stress is progressive and should be managed before its negative effects explode. One of the physical effects of stress, as identified by the author, is induced “muscle tension” that is a direct reaction to anxiety (Meng, p. 1). A first year student, especially if the student is very unfamiliar with the school and no proper orientation is undertaken, is susceptible to anxiety over possible experiences and environment, factors that may manifest in fatigue (Meng, p. 1). As a result, changed program is a common feature among stressed new students and may take time to be corrected (Langston, p. 1).
Hoeger and Hoeger also identify stress with a number of physical changes that a new student in an academic institution may face. The authors identified as “flight or flight,” a sequence of nerve and hormone based responses that results in physical effects (Hoeger and Hoeger, p. 185). Increased “heart rate and blood pressure” are examples of physical effects of stress upon environmental change (Hoeger and Hoeger, p. 185). Anxiety based hormonal secretions such as adrenaline may particularly prompt increased heartbeat rate due to fears. Negative changes in “blood flow to active muscles and brain” are other physical effects of stress that induces further body responses and symptoms (Hoeger and Hoeger, p. 185). Poor blood supply to the brain may for instance affect a student’s coordination potential into poor understanding and response to a new school. Similarly, impaired oxygenation of cells and organs lead to total body weakness (Hoeger and Hoeger, p. 185).
Changed environment may also induce physical reaction measures to stress on a first year student. These identify secondary symptoms of stress manifestation. Essa explains that “regression and withdrawal” are common characteristics that identify with stress (p. 492). Uncertainties over a school’s norms may induce loss of confidence forcing a new student to revert to his or her former behavior. The uncertainty of behaviors and procedures to adopt may also force a new student into isolation for fear of embarrassment due to awkward actions (Essa, p. 492). Though these symptoms are majorly identified in children, new college students significantly experience them. Other symptoms such as “tremors, trembling of lips and hands,” body pains; dry oral cavity and developed “difficulty in breathing” are also physical effects of stress that identify with new college students (Ais, p. 1).
A first year student is therefore susceptible to stress due to changed environment and uncertainties. The experienced stress leads to physical effects that can either be primary or corrective measures.
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