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Gays couple should have the same right as married couples - Essay Example

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Most of the people of our society are in the favor of the equal rights in terms of status, accommodation, values, jobs and housing and so on. But, whenever there…
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Gays couple should have the same right as married couples
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Download file to see previous pages I intend to persuade them on rethinking about gay couples and their feelings which must be supported rather than retorted by continuous opposition. My basic question relies upon the baseless notions of equal rights, freedom, equal opportunities, anti-discriminatory environment and all other ideas that people use to explain their equality and justice. The debates on such ideas ends as the opposition against some group rises and my case is clear here i.e. opposition of gay couples.
An advantage to heterosexual society of the existence of gay relationship is the fact that the commitment of a gay marriage means the participants are discouraged from philandering sex. Another beneficial thing about the gay marriages is that it lowers the spreading of those diseases which are sexually transmittable due to promiscuous sex like HIV/AIDs (Newton, 2010). The gay marriages are legal in Denmark. When the proposal was first placed, it was highly opposed by the clergy but after going through the advantages now it has an overwhelming effect in the society.
Homosexuality is mostly misunderstood as a sole pursuance of “sex”. The truth, however, is the multidimensional nature of gay relationships growing its roots from love, understanding, care and a need to be loved from the one to whom an individual is attracted to (Bidstrup, 2009). This is what our society needs to learn and gay population must be given the status of “human being” accompanied by the rights they deserve of freedom of choice, will, thoughts and actions as long as they are legal and ethically justifiable. The yardstick should be humanity to give equal rights not the gender bias and prejudice of sexes.
In the end, we may say that the basic physical and emotional necessities of human beings are equally important. Our own emotional needs and thirst for love teaches us to treat homosexuals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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