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The Locus of Sexism - Essay Example

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The essay 'The Locus of Sexism' focuses on sexism which doesn’t stem from the act but from the institutions and structures of society. Therefore, in understanding the locus of sexism it is rather important to have a deeper insight into communities and societies rather than individuals…
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The Locus of Sexism
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Extract of sample "The Locus of Sexism"

It is on this basis that Frye is trying to show that sexism and gender is a very significant matter. According to her prepositions and perceptions, various actions between men and women lead us to believe that women are very different, that sex/gender is the most important thing, and that these behaviors must represent something biologically about women (Frye). Reading through Frye’s concepts, it becomes clear that children that are born with imperfectly formed genitals, a body that’s doesn’t seem to develop towards “the norm” of the gender, are given cosmetics, surgeries, medicines, therapies, etc in order to fit the picture sharply towards the gender. It is like they’re being punished. This probably is one of the most interesting parts of the reading. What’s more, it is the demand of the world that suggested all this. This follows the fact that all these have been planted in our conscious mind Read More
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(The Locus of Sexism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 303 Words)
The Locus of Sexism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 303 Words.
“The Locus of Sexism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 303 Words”, n.d.
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... Sexism Introduction The persistence in gender parity in the world has attracted much research. The world has different ways of treating people and various conditions of treatment based on their sex, either male or female. While gender has been defined as the perceived component of human sexuality, sex refers to the genetic or biological component. Hence, gender would be considered as a social construction. The opportunities and treatment that face people would largely be presented in reference to such a person’s sex, hence a form of discrimination referred to as sexism. Benatar (6) defines sexism as economic and cultural structures that create and propagate rigid and elaborate sex-marking and sex-announcing patterns that cause division...
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...Client’s 29 September Sky Sports is one of the leading television groups across the globe, Football analyst Andy Gray got his walking papers when he made sexist remarks about a lineswoman who was in charge of the game Liverpool Vs Wolves football match. The remarks were so bad that the managing director had to later sack the football analyst. Sexism is a really bad practice; it still exists much to the dismay of many women. “Gray and Keys are dropped from Skys Monday Night Football program as the backlash to their comments gains momentum.”Their comments were totally unacceptable," says Barney Francis, Sky Sports managing director.” (Andy Gray Sacked) Women have nothing to prove but there are still several men who believe that women...
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... Sexism Thesis Statement Effective Ways on How We Can Alleviate Sexism in Our Society. Introduction Rooted in the culture and tradition of a society, sexism is all about wrong attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, laws, and policies that strongly support discrimination on sex roles. Up to the present time, the act of generalizing an entire gender makes people think that a person is more superior as compared to other people (Ronai, Zsembik, & Feagin, 1997, p. 10). A good example of sexism is the act of stereotyping that men should project an image of masculinity whereas women should act femininely (Brittan, 1984, p. 236). Therefore, women are expected to stay at home, do household chores, and take care of babies whereas men are expected...
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.... As a positive and self-determined female, Jane is able to differentiate from among many different kinds of metaphorical fire, seeking comfort without being burned. Others are not so lucky: “master had been reading in his bed last night; he fell asleep with his candle lit, and the curtains got of fire” (Bronte, Jane Eyre, p. 176). In Pride and Prejudice, there are similar gender and sexism dynamics involved with the characters’ relationships. As Darcy becomes more able to change and falls in love with Elizabeth, this change leads him into a more sensitive position in which he is freed from his early habit of patriarchal absolutism. This selfish propensity of judging others by status or social class hinders his relationship...
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... reality in our society; because of the biological difference between women and men; the increase of poverty rate among women, the unequal treatment for women; and the lack of self-determination and liberation of women, which means that there is still a huge gender gap in today’s society. The primary authors for this argument are David Brooks, Jones Mother, Laura Bates, and Monica Potts. In connection to this, the following sources are the primary sources. Bates, Laura. “The year of sexism." New Statesman. December 2012-January 2013. Print Brooks, David. “The return of the pig: The revival of blatant sexism in America culture has many progressive thinkers flummoxed." Atlantic monthly. 2003. Print. Mother, Jones. “The rise...
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... Sexism in the media Almost every country, notwithstanding its levels of civilization, struggles, to some extent, with gender stereotypes. Though efforts are made to ensure the situation is changed, the process is not as easy as it would be expected. The portrayal of one gender in a negative way does little to unite the society, and instead, negative perceptions continue to thrive. Sadly, the media, which is a powerful tool in the setting of social norms, does not help to curb the vice. Actually, the media continue to perpetuate these stereotypes thus stalling the fight significantly. Even though both genders suffer some form of stereotyping, the female one is undoubtedly the most affected. From Television shows to magazine covers...
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... ID Sexism (Against women) in car advertisements emphasizing the stereotype thatwomen cant drive Introduction Maintaining with the tradition of sexism in case of advertisement, Volkswagen India introduced a video advertisement for strengthening the stereotypes that the women who drives are mainly lousy drivers. The advertisement focused on the fact that the women can drive cars without the fear of accident. The advertisement that is developed in the present days attempts to normalize the stereotypes culture about women driving cars. Equality between men and women is a never ending debate. Sexism is ruling from the mid of 20th century and it is still found in various places of the society. There is a myth prevailing from the past...
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