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Before the World War II, many approaches were based on attitude measurement and definition issues. Most studies targeted nature, and reported vital…
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Attitude Theories
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"Attitude Theories"

Download file to see previous pages Several attitude theories have been identified and categorized in to four key groups. These include functional theory, consistency theory, social judgment theories, and learning theories. This article, however, will only focus on the similarities and differences between learning theory and social learning theory.
Early learning theories are also referred to as behavioral theories of attitude change (Suedfeld, 2007). These theories were formulated at a time when learning studies mainly focused on behavioral psychology. Learning theories also emphasized on the aspects of stimulus of the communication situation (Suedfeld, 2007). The nature of the environment influenced an individual’s emotional response. Researches on learning theories indicated that when stimuli are consistently associated with old stimuli (event), then the new stimuli have the strongest power to create an emotional response in the person (Suedfeld, 2007). Some of the components of this theory include affective and conative, or behavioral. Affective means that emotions or feelings are things that are evoked. While behavioral means the disposition or tendency to act in certain ways toward a stimulus (Suedfeld, 2007). For example, a father may happily announce his salary increase at home, while the mother angrily refutes increase in income task. In these two situations, both parents are expressing nonverbal behavior to express their feelings. If the relationship between the topic and the nonverbal behavior repeatedly happens before a child, then the nonverbal behavior will create an emotional response in the child.
Social judgment theory highlights how an individual’s prior attitudes affect the manner in which they perceive and judge current information and experiences. In other words, a person’s attitudes act as the judgmental standard, which influences how he or she perceives ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Attitude Theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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