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44). Realistically speaking, my world view not only evolved over a period of time, but my views pertaining to my personal world view also…
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World View
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"World View"

Download file to see previous pages This realization was earlier latent before it evolved into a conscious conclusion. Well, initially I found it a bit unsettling and difficult. However, as I matured I gradually started adapting to the fact that in a pragmatic context, world view was something that needs to be continually revised and updated to be able to lead a more reality based and stable life.
However, I certainly feel proud to acknowledge the fact though I keep on adjusting and fine tuning my world view in response to the emerging societal and cultural changes, there are some core values that I inherited from my parents and schooling, which always play a role in shaping my world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World View
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... INTRODUCTION Existentialism is one of the major worldviews that could form one’s freedom to incorporate the standards of life with a balanced religious belief.1 Existentialism creates one’s personal choice with the freedom of finding meaning in life, irrespective of its usefulness to either Christians or Atheists. Hence, existentialism allows a person to use its assumptions to look for meaningful things in life. With these assumptions of existentialism, the present paper would like to stress how such worldview can be analyzed and criticized and how it is useful in connection to Jesus as a distinguishing mark in the world of Christians. BASIC SUMMARY OF THE WORLDVIEW Existentialism has five major tenets. The first theme emphasizes... the...
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World View
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Sociological World View
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