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Cognitive development and the internal working model of attachment - Essay Example

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In the research paper “Cognitive development and the internal working model of attachment” the author analyzes cognitive development as the result of perceptions about the world that are put through processes in order to create knowledge…
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Cognitive development and the internal working model of attachment
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Download file to see previous pages The development of the internal working model of attachment creates a sense of self from which perspectives on the world and processes that have developed in relationship to the internal model of the self influence cognitive development. Attachment theory is the establishment of the idea of attachment as the way in which human beings connect to one another in order to create the long term relationships. The raw and basic purpose of attachment is for survival, a baby attaching to the adults in their life in order to create bonds from which their needs are satisfied. Pietromonaco and Barrett (2009) state that “A central tenet of attachment theory is that people develop mental representations, or internal working models, that consist of expectations about the self, significant others, and the relationship between the two (p. 156). According to Pietromonaco and Barrett (2009) the internal working model is the theorem that supports the way in which the adults create healthy and long term relationships with one another. Working models are created through an organized structure that has specific content about both the individual and those that the individual interacts with and is representative of expectations of the self through which an organized set of details are used in order to help create the self. In exploring how the internal working model of attachment influences cognitive development, it is beneficial to explore when cognitive development is not relative to attachment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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