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Cult recruitment - Research Proposal Example

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Although, there had been limited information as to its prevalence since their activities are in secrecy, reported cases of suicides and deaths together with many testimonies from…
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Cult recruitment
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Extract of sample "Cult recruitment"

Download file to see previous pages With the many people who joined the group, reasons as to how and why people are convinced to join the cult is not well explained. However, some studies had shown that members of cults do not just join them but are recruited. People are known to get into groups that not only appear interesting to them, but also promise to offer solutions to their pressing needs. Stacey (1998) explains that cults use effective techniques when recruiting. They recruit the most capable individuals who can effectively serve the needs of the cult. Many cult members are responsible citizens such as lawyers, doctors, celebrities of high profile and professors, which may be the reason why they continue to survive for decades and function efficiently despite public disapproval, high rates of turnover and angry parents. Of much importance to note is that cult’s recruiters make numerous promises to the recruits during the initial induction phases and it is only until a considerable period of time has passed that that a recruit comes to realize that it was only a ploy to have them comply. By such a time, the member has already been submerged into the group and already in submission and under undue influence from the cult’s leadership
Other studies gave other reasons. The study by Stark and Bainbridge (1987) in their book called a Theory of Religion discussed how religion is weakened by its recruiting practices. They state that the Roman Catholic Church for example became weakened in its values but larger in numbers when it became the state religion of the Roman Empire. The Christian view on women’s rights was another reason why it grew in popularity. They treated women better than most other religious groups. The idea behind these theories is that people were drawn to this religion for personal benefit and satisfaction, rather than true acceptance and belief in Catholic tradition.
Another study by Stephens (2010) attempted to discover the relationship between authoritative ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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