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This paper will attempt to explore the history of their organization along with products and services offered. Moreover, it will depict the…
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General Electric
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General Electric Profile Paper 500 word paper in APA Format, using a minimum of 2 sources. Paper should cover the following topic areas: a.     A brief history of the business
b.    Products and services offered
c.     Financial information for the last five years
End with Financial information for the last five years there is no need to write a conclusion.
General Electric has been one of the most famous companies that has continued to make its mark throughout all facets of the industries. This paper will attempt to explore the history of their organization along with products and services offered. Moreover, it will depict the company’s financial health as it competes in the recessive environment.
General Electric is one of the most prominent companies that has been the forefront runner in their market for many years. This prodigious company was initiated by a brilliant man known as Thomas Edison in 1876, who created a laboratory in New Jersey. From his laboratory came a brilliant invention that dramatically changed the concept of technology. During the year 1890, Edison established the Edison General Electric Company by bringing his other ventures together. However, competition did arise as Thomas-Houston, challenged Edison’s position in the region. As both businesses continued to expand, they realized that a joint venture was necessary in order for them to thrive in a fierce competition. The company in the modern century has solidified its position in the market by creating a strong, diverse portfolio in which goals and innovation are spearheaded by research, reducing cost and financial strength of the company itself.
Products and services
As a prestigious company, GE offers many products and services that accommodate its client base. The company offers array of appliances that are focused on targeting not only individuals but also organizations. General Electric makes appliances, aviation products, consumer electronics, healthcare technology, oil and gas, rails, software applications, financial services, energy solutions, and water hygiene solutions. Surprisingly enough, GE also offers financial services aimed for business and individual needs.
GE continues to solidify its position in the market place as the stock is going up as it currently up to $15.65 a share. GE announced third-quarter 2011 operating earnings of $3.4 billion, or $0.31 per share, up 11%, from the third quarter of 2010 (excluding effects of the preferred redemption). Furthermore, the company’s long-term debt is slowly being diminished from 2007 as it strives to expands into new horizons. In 2008, GE announced fourth-quarter 2008 earnings from continuing operations of $3.9 billion, or $.37 per share before preferred dividend, or $.36 per share attributable to common shareowners. Clearly, the company has been excellent in their dividend allocation. The company must improve their earnings from continuing operations. From 2005 to 2010, the company was growing in revenue. However, due to the recessive environment, the company has seen revenues drop to $157 billion from $183 billion. The recent economic downturn has impacted the company in a detrimental manner as the banking system has been obliterated into a dark abyss. The financial sector of GE has suffered losses that will exceed $3 trillion, which has been a critical point of worry for the CEO. This year, asset prices across key segments have also plummeted as individuals have lost faith in investments. In order to combat that, GE has centered their focus on infrastructure and downsizing in few industries to achieve the best results. So far, this strategy has been successful as it has allowed the company to gain leverage in order to compensate for their lost investments.
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