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Albert Bandura as a psychologist believed t and that environment and personality traits reciprocate each other as an individual develops values and characteristics observed in the environment and consequently, act in response to one’s observations. Personally, I am performing…
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Banduras theory of reciprocal determinism and gender roles
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Full Reciprocal Determinism and Gender Roles Albert Bandura as a psychologist believed t and that environment and personality traits reciprocate each other as an individual develops values and characteristics observed in the environment and consequently, act in response to one’s observations. Personally, I am performing as what could be expected as a single parent in the American environment. I have been raised in a Christian family and the church has been one of my strong contributors to the beliefs I cling to. For instance, when it comes to parenting, I believe that it is the woman who has the greater task of looking after the children in addition to the more challenging role the modern world demands from her, being able to work outside the home without neglecting responsibilities at home. As I observed my mother and other mothers in church, I now emulate them in raising my children, working hard to provide for the needs of the family especially in the absence of a husband and I also do without complaining the household chores because it is a responsibility packaged in having a family of my own.
Having been raised in a middle class family in a decent suburb, I have seen how people were able to succeed through hard work and hardships to me are not foreign as well so that probably, this is what makes me go through the challenges of life. Taking care of three children single-handedly, going to work and taking classes are truly tough however, these are quite normal to me as I have seen a lot of friends do the same. There are times I think of giving up but what helps me a lot is the thought that I am not alone in this journey, with my faith in God, my children looking up to me and the many others who are surviving on the same boat, I know I can succeed, too. Read More
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(Bandura'S Theory of Reciprocal Determinism and Gender Roles Essay - 1)
Bandura'S Theory of Reciprocal Determinism and Gender Roles Essay - 1.
“Bandura'S Theory of Reciprocal Determinism and Gender Roles Essay - 1”, n.d.
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