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Web Review Term Paper: Critique and Comparison - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss different aspects of two websites with respect to their information presentation and contents’ arrangement. These web sites present information about…
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Web Review Term Paper: Critique and Comparison
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Download file to see previous pages When I typed this keyword in the Google search engine I found different results. However, I have selected two most optimal results for my research. These are two initial search results that will be discussed throughout paper. I have presented below links of these web sites:
We will find these web sites by searching a keyword “Schizophrenia” through a search engine. First of all, I opened links and analyzed their contents in order to check the availability of desired material on these web sites. In this scenario, the majority of searched websites contains less detailed information; however two websites ( and are offering comprehensive information and details regarding overall information availability on these websites.
This website is offering effective and high quality information on a lot of psychology related topics. On this web site we are able to find different articles and useful information on different topics of psychology.
This web site is also one of best websites offering psychological information and data. Additionally, on this web site users are able to find information and data about a number of topics and areas of psychology. In addition, here we can find different research articles comprising valuable information and details inside. website was established and maintained by Donald J. Franklin, Ph.D. Franklin is the webmaster and owner of Psychology Information Online, as well as is the author/editor of a lot of articles presented on this website. Additionally, Dr. Franklin is an accredited psychologist from New Jersey. In addition, he helps different people in solving their psychological problems by offering them psychological testing, psychotherapy and marriage and family counseling, by means of cognitive as well as behavioral psychological management of different psychological problems such as fear and anxiety disorders, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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