What is survival processing How does it work in memory Is the effect based on the evolutionary mechanisms or more commonplace memory explanations - Essay Example

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As the human species, it can be easier to remember information that is directly associated with survival than information that is not associated with the…
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What is survival processing How does it work in memory Is the effect based on the evolutionary mechanisms or more commonplace memory explanations
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Download file to see previous pages ng word lists, two sets of scholars have shown that evolutionary instincts can reasonably be shown as the core of how memory and instinct works together towards significant survival processing. However, through a qualitative study about the survival of romantic relationship in reference to gift giving, this concept is challenged. However, in discussing the nature of fitness survival in contrast to the survival of a social or cultural convention, it is necessary to define the difference. Social and cultural conventions have been designed for location and time period, thus evolutionary adaptations are not directly relevant to these conventions. Through an examination of survival processing as a part of adaptive memory, the nature of some responses as evolutionary adaptations show that the possibility for evolutionary instincts to be responsible for universalities in response to threats against survival is a likely explanation for survival processing, more distinctly when cultural and individual survival are defined uniquely.
According to Nairne, Thompson and Pandeirada (2007) “memory systems might have evolved to help us remember fitness-relevant information - specifically, information relevant to survival” (p. 263). Memories that are associated with fear and shock will more than likely be retained longer than those memories without survival responses. An individual will remember what they need for each step in survival and make note of it, retaining it more significantly than other types of information. Adaptive memory might be considered central to processing what is needed in order to survive. Through evolutionary-function reasoning, Nairne, Thompson and Pandeirada (2007) have concluded that “Our memory systems did not develop in a vacuum: rather, our ability to remember and reconstruct the past evolve to help us solve problems, particularly problems related to survival” (271). Survival, a central instinct that is supported by processing that allows for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(What Is Survival Processing How Does It Work in Memory Is the Effect Essay)
What Is Survival Processing How Does It Work in Memory Is the Effect Essay. https://studentshare.org/psychology/1577866-what-is-survival-processing-how-does-it-work-in-memory-is-the-effect-based-on-the-evolutionary-mechanisms-or-more-commonplace-memory-explanations.
“What Is Survival Processing How Does It Work in Memory Is the Effect Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/psychology/1577866-what-is-survival-processing-how-does-it-work-in-memory-is-the-effect-based-on-the-evolutionary-mechanisms-or-more-commonplace-memory-explanations.
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