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Psychology: Susan, Molly, Joy, Dan and Mr. Davis - Research Paper Example

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This paper, Psychology: Susan, Molly, Joy, Dan and Mr. Davis, highlights that in a workplace where several professionals with diverse cultural background, personality, and personal goals work together, conflict is inevitable not to happen. Conflict is known to cause poor productivity. …
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Extract of sample "Psychology: Susan, Molly, Joy, Dan and Mr. Davis"

Download file to see previous pages As the discussion outlines, Susan is displaying a behavior related to promoting personal wellness as reflected in her complaint of overweight that resulted in her fatigability. Although personal in nature, she is stressed which would affect her work as a call center agent. One strategy for her is to diet and work out. Experts suggest that dieting and exercise of any form are the secret of losing weight as they believe that what you eat and do is what you are. Susan’s behavior in discussing diet with Molly is a way of adjusting to her physical changes as a result of becoming over weight which is explained in Stress Adaptation theory. The theory states that any threat to a person’s equilibrium may cause the organism to find ways to return it back to normal balance. The adequacy however of the individual depends on her environment and adaptive energies. Susan is observed to have the determination to lose weight because of her interest in diet discussion hence; it is not far that she may get back to her usual weight. Another strategy would be to have a positive outlook in life. Positive attitude may lead to positive result as you look at life in a more productive way. If Susan will adopt this, she may have a better physical and psychological well being. Solving problems is also obvious to be another underlying issue affecting the behavior of Joy and Dan. They both are experiencing dislikes of the behavior displayed by Susan and Molly in wasting time to gossip and despise other co-worker. Although it is at its starting level, it is potential to cause bigger conflict in the future.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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