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The author of this essay entitled "Childs Social and Emotional Development" focuses on the social aspect of a child development. It is mentioned that the development of a child is a unique and complex phenomenon as it varies from one child to another. …
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Childs Social and Emotional Development
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Download file to see previous pages According to the EErikson'sstages of psychosocial development, the preschoolers (ages 4 to 6) tend to develop certain attributes in their personality based on the environment around them. The child learns to take initiative however the guilt also arises. In this attempt to take initiatives the child also tends to develop negative behaviors, as the child might feel frustrated for not achieving the goals as they have planned. In this stage, the significant relationship is with the family (Harder). Jessica’s has seen a very turbulent environment around her and has experienced a separation, the family relationships are disturbed and thus it has developed negative behaviors within her as she views the world around her as an insecure place. Concerning the family relationships Bowlby formulated a theory of maternal deprivation stating that the “the infant and young child should experience a warm, intimate, and continuous relationship with his mother (or permanent mother substitute) in which both find satisfaction and enjoyment” (Wikipedia), thus the absence of this has significant mental and health consequences.
Jessica had been deprived of the maternal attachment, as the mother was unable to give her time, appreciate her initiatives and give her the warmth and love she required. This created frustration in Jessica and she alienated herself from her surroundings. Different Parenting styles have an impact on the child’s development. As the parenting style has different elements that combine to create the emotional climate in which the parents express their attitudes and practices of child rearing with their child. Thus the parenting styles have a huge impact on the overall emotional and social development of a child. Jessica’s mother had adopted an indifferent parenting style (Benson & Haith, 2009) as she had neglected the child completely due to the increased family responsibilities on her, thus being neither demanding nor responsive to her. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Childs Social and Emotional Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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