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The paper “Best Place to Bring Up Children” looks at the place where children are brought up, which plays a vital role in building up the personality of the children. All the parents want their children to stay isolated from bad influences and they want them to live in good and peaceful environments…
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Best Place to Bring Up Children
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Best Place to Bring Up Children The place where children are brought up plays a vital role in building up the personality of the children. All the parents want their children to stay isolated from bad influences and they want them to live in good and peaceful environments. There are three choices of places for parents. They can bring up their children in country, in city or in suburbs.
Country areas are mostly large and isolated areas away from the hasty life of cities. Country areas provide healthy and open environment but they cannot be classified as the best place for bringing up children. This is because country areas do not have educational and medical facilities as other areas.
A city is a large and highly modernized area. It has all the facilities regarding education, health and amusement. However, cities cannot be considered to have a healthy environment because of having industrial and corporate centers (Mumford, 1983). Apart from that, cities can also have bad influence on the children as they are highly modernized.
Suburbs are the areas specifically built for residential purposes. These areas are built at a convenient distance from main cities therefore all the facilities of a city can be easily availed by the residents of suburbs. Since suburbs are separated from main city area and they are less crowded therefore they are more peaceful and they have healthier environment. Considering the facilities that can be acquired in suburbs and the environment as well, it can be said that suburbs are the best place to bring up a child.
It can be concluded that suburbs are the best areas to bring up children because they are separated from city along with having all the facilities that can be acquired in cities. They have healthy environment which can be compared to that of country areas. Therefore, suburbs have all the characteristics necessary for good bringing up of children.
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Best Place to Bring Up Children Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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