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Mental Health Effects of Foster Care Placement on Children - Article Example

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Each year, a large number of children are being placed in foster care in the United States of America (USA) and elsewhere. This paper will take an intensive look at three papers which deal with this topic and make some conclusions based on the results of these papers. …
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Mental Health Effects of Foster Care Placement on Children
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that a review of the three papers into mental illness in children who have been placed in foster care was very insightful. The main points that stand out from all three papers is that children who are placed in foster care, regardless of where it is are in dire need to access to mental health services. Most of these children come from homes where they have been exposed to factors that pre-dispose them to mental illness such as absent parents and abuse and neglect. The percentage of children who suffer from mental illness and who are in foster care is hugely more than children in the general population. Despite what is known on this topic, not all the children who require mental health assistance in foster care are actually getting the help they need. A staggering number appears to come out of foster care suffering from conditions that were easily treatable if diagnosed early on. Perhaps, surprisingly, the access to mental health services is actually increased when children who are abused or maltreated are placed in foster homes rather than being cared for in their own homes.
This paper makes a conclusion that there have been cases of children who have come from foster care turning into well-adjust adults even though they were at risk for mental health problems and these children have been linked with a stable foster family environment and continuity of care from specialists. It is these cases that need to be looked into more in detail so that these results can be emulated for all children going into foster care. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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