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Experience of otherness and oppression - Essay Example

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This essay describes ways that Staples structures his essay including the stories he tells about himself and others, the sequence of emotions he describes. The experience of otherness and oppression are an all present elements of many individuals’ daily lives…
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Experience of otherness and oppression
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Extract of sample "Experience of otherness and oppression"

Download file to see previous pages Throughout Staples' essay there are a number of elements he utilizes to create an emotional impact on the reader. One of the most gripping emotional appeals comes in the very first sentence in his essay when he compares himself to a criminal, with people he encounters on the street his victims. This creates the emotion of revulsion and surprise within the reader as they attempt to discern the true nature of the essay. Staples then reveals that he is simply walking by the individual in public. As the story goes on, Staples utilizes reason to emotionally appeal to the readers sense of sympathy. While many personal stories are utilized in the narrative, Staples also uses elements that are different to achieve emotional effect. For instance, when considering whether he is truly oppressed because of personal perception or because of social perception he discusses features that emotionally appeal to the reader. In these regards, he discusses literature by Norma Podhoretz that talks about how he feared black individuals growing up. Staples sequences this with supporting information to create a balance portrait of the problem, further creating a powerful emotional appeal to the reader. In one of the most telling such quotes Brent states, “Women are particularly vulnerable to street violence and young black males are drastically overrepresented as perpetrators of that violence”. Staples sequences these examples in the narrative in such a way to create evidence that builds towards a compelling concluding account. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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