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Television and Child Development by Van Evra - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper "Television and Child Development by Van Evra" focuses on a book by Van Evra on the subject of television and its impact on child development. This book totally fits the needs of today’s fast-paced technological age when it comes to becoming pro-active…
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Television and Child Development by Van Evra
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Extract of sample "Television and Child Development by Van Evra"

Download file to see previous pages Since its inception, the trend of watching television is growing and evolving. Latest research reveals that the growth in this trend is becoming explosive with new technologies and their prevalent use by youngsters. In her book, “Television and Child Development,” a psychologist from the University of Waterloo, Judith Van Evra presents a comprehensive summary of research about the impact of television and other media on children’s physical, psychological, emotional and social development. She integrates the currently known research from child development, communication and cognitive and psychological domains to present a balanced view that reveals the complications and layers of the relationship between children’s interaction with media and other factors influencing their perceptions.

In this comprehensive third edition, Evra has included seven new chapters in addition to updating the previous chapters. Now, the book also includes research about media other than television, for instance, realistic video games, mobile phones, pagers, DVDs, computers, internet, cable and other wireless devices. However, major emphasis is laid on the research with a developmental approach towards the interaction between television and children (Bachen, 2007). Newly added chapters explore research methodology, cultural diversity and stereotypes. It includes current perceptions, changing lifestyles, health preferences, nutrition, body image, sexual behaviours, drug and alcohol addiction, internet and media influence on social and behavioural aspects of a child’s development. Two chapters are particularly dedicated to the utilization of modern technology for getting instant and speedy information through the internet, the influence of internet advertising and entertainment technology, such as music and video games which create gender and social differences, and aggression among children. The new edition also covers intervention strategies, media literacy, technological aids, parent strategies and education, and official authorities’ responsibilities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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