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From Challenge to Opportunity: The Power of Possibility - Article Example

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The article “From Challenge to Opportunity: The Power of Possibility” of the American Psychological Association is a type of an explanatory article. It was written to serve as an explanatory tool about how certain aspects of APA have led it to the crisis that it is currently facing…
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From Challenge to Opportunity: The Power of Possibility
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Extract of sample "From Challenge to Opportunity: The Power of Possibility"

Download file to see previous pages It aimed at explaining a number of fundamental characteristics such as “what APA is, who and what it serves, and how it can prepare itself” (APA, 2010, p. 476) in the beginning of the report as the author thought these as their determinants of the Association’s ability to do so; and the necessity of indicating it early in the paper aided in clarifying its totality. Like all the statements of the purpose of the study should be, the article’s purposes have helped create a specific path that it has taken in answering why the current situation and what is thought to be done to counter it. As a result, the article was able to reflect the reason why it was written in the first place and all the important aspects of the cause-and-effect patterns that have led to the crisis have been addressed well. Research designs are formulated so that the goal of the study is achieved as simply and as systematically as possible. It functions "to ensure that the evidence obtained enables us to answer the initial question as unambiguously as possible" ("Part I: What is," n.d., p.9). It dictates how the report should be structured and what comprises it (the research methodology, the variables, its validity, the samples, the sampling techniques, how they should be analyzed, etc.) which are deemed appropriate so that the purpose of the study will be achieved accordingly without having to undertake unnecessary and unrelated information in presenting the main idea or phenomena in question. The research design that the article “From Challenge to Opportunity” followed a simple structure that allowed an efficient presentation of the topic discussed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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