Importance of Projection of Images of Men with Less Muscular Body for Society - Essay Example

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The paper "Importance of Projection of Images of Men with Less Muscular Body for Society" states that the dissatisfaction of men with their bodies leads to depression at work. It becomes complicated for men to concentrate on their work and continue with their daily routine…
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Importance of Projection of Images of Men with Less Muscular Body for Society
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Extract of sample "Importance of Projection of Images of Men with Less Muscular Body for Society"

Fashion and Flesh—the Images We Project
It has come to my observation that the glossy papers of magazine tend to arouse people psychology. This has been proven as the modern reader agrees to the fact that body image had played a major role shaping people psychology to a larger extent. In particular, the most interesting thing that I observed was the fact that men are also being affected by the images being shown in advertisement and more commonly in the magazines. Researches broadly discuss on the effects of body image on men and advertising. It has been a tradition since the boom of advertising and body image in media that men are bombarded with images of super men. Even cartoons projected the images of men to be totally muscular.
The images of muscular body directly hit the psychology of men. It has been observed that men are also suffering through the fear of insecurity that would they be accepted in the society or not. Media and such advertising images have promoted men who are considered to be very muscular and have steroid rate more than usual people. Men of contemporary world have to make sure that they are maintaining themselves with the passage of time (Goshgarian).
It has also come to my great astonishment that men are now taking more and more help from the anabolic steroids. The industry of anabolic steroids has become so powerful and rich that it is increasing its toll over other businesses. The depression is also built within men because men do not share their fears with peers as it is regarded as the weakness of men as they are more egoistic in comparison with females (Goshgarian).
Icons which are being projected by media and advertising agencies are most commonly wrestling heroes. Icons of wrestlers as the ultimate depiction of a perfectionist men is totally wrong in my perspective. The projection of muscular men and a man with steroid is totally a backlash in the empowerment of man as it emotionally makes them weak. The mind sets of females in the contemporary age are quite bold as they are dependent thus spouses and girl friends also consider muscular men as better and perfect ones to be with (Goshgarian).
In my view it is unfair that media and advertising images have constantly aroused men to be very muscular and full of steroids. The dissatisfaction of men with their bodies also leads to depression at work. It becomes complicated for men to concentrate on their work and continue with their daily routine. Due to a continuous depression, men could become ill and lead to eating disorders. A body without steroids would work perfectly though extra fats are not a good deal at all. It is thus recommended that media and advertising glossy pages must project and encourage men with flat bellies because not every man would be able to get into a shape and extra steroid that could lead to other diseases such as eating disorders etc (Goshgarian).
It is my believe that projection of images of men with less muscular body with normal steroids could be an out of the box idea for most of the people working in advertising agencies and glossy magazines but it could considerably make better effects on the society and most importantly for men. At the end of the day it is the macro function of media to educate media instead of making situations complicated.

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