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Consumerism as a Subset of Changing Societal Expectations and Its Norms - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the studies on consumer behaviour that are in a constant state of flux with a fundamental precept of ‘hard selling’ as its driving force. Consumer behaviour has been associated with sex and gender. Recent times have witnessed a change from the sense of male or female consumerism…
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Consumerism as a Subset of Changing Societal Expectations and Its Norms
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Extract of sample "Consumerism as a Subset of Changing Societal Expectations and Its Norms"

Download file to see previous pages It is important to note that the gap between the actual self and the ideal self can be understood through the notion of ‘fantasy appeal.’ Fantasy is a change in consciousness of the subject that serves as an escape route from the real world. The products and services are often so positioned that they pander to the fantasies of the customer. The companies use ‘fantasy appeal’ to bridge the gap between the ideal self and the actual self. The advertisement of KERASTASE night hair vitalizer showing shiny and silky black hair set in a black ground uses fantasy appeal to attract the consumer. The results of using the vitalizer may not be as good as they are projected, yet they are enough to create a dazzle to mesmerize the reader. High-tech technologies, such as those used for trimming jawlines, puffing up lips, eliminating blemishes and mould appearances, come in handy (Solomon, 2007).Consumers thus can face the real world with looks and appearances fashioned through technological means. Further, such practices are dynamic, ever-evolving and not static in nature. Advertisements can also lead to the development of negative ideas about the self. Richins (1991) cited in Solomon (2007) noted that the college students who were exposed to an advertisement about beautiful models developed a low self-esteem about themselves after making comparisons with attractive models. Likewise in Myers Jr. and Biocca [1992] & Gulas and McKeage [2000] cited in Solomon [2007]) participants expressed lower satisfaction with their selves after seeing attractive faces in advertisements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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