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Local Governance Creates Problems for Accountability Both to Citizens and to Consumers - Assignment Example

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The paper "Local Governance Creates Problems for Accountability Both to Citizens and to Consumers" looks into the new initiative by the Bridgend County Borough Council called Children and Young People's Partnership and the implications this new program may have on the council’s accountability…
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Local Governance Creates Problems for Accountability Both to Citizens and to Consumers
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Extract of sample "Local Governance Creates Problems for Accountability Both to Citizens and to Consumers"

Download file to see previous pages The chances of an accountability disequilibrium arising out of discord between the demands made by the citizens and consumers, and the probable deficiencies in supplying those demands by the council, is detailed in the report. Bridgend County Borough Council was established under the Local Government Act 1994. With a total population accounting to 130,000 people, it was formed on 1st April 1996. Bridgend basically aims at improving the living conditions of everyone and providing them with a quality life. They also aim at protecting and improving the pathetic condition of our environment (Bridgend County Borough Council, 2011). Children and young people are the future of every country, so the upbringing and the condition of the young brigade should be of prime importance for everyone. Bridgend County Borough Council aims at amending the lives of both the children and the young people. With the Children And Young Peoples Partnership, they have been working very hard to make the Bridgend County's children and young peoples life better by involving not only the children and the youth but also teachers, caretakers, parents, local authority, and voluntary committees. The partnership aims at giving full opportunity to every child and youth to flourish and prosper. The Bridgend County Borough Council intents at giving all the children and young people of the county of Bridgend benefits to lead a good life with the help of the following Seven Core Goals : Have A Flying Start To Life: This means that they are born into a secure and loving family who takes care of all their needs and requirements. Be Healthy And Free From Exploitation: This means that they do not get exploited in any way from anyone and remain healthy and secured. Access Play, Leisure, Sporting And Cultural Activities: By this, we mean that they are given the right to enjoy their lives and be allowed to participate as per their will, irrespective of their talent and abilities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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