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The Cognitive Basis of Visual Object Perception - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes that visual perception, particularly the recognition of objects is an immediate but complex process. Objects are defined as solid bodies of substance which show “spatiotemporal continuity, cohere within their boundaries when they move, and move only when contacted by other objects”…
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The Cognitive Basis of Visual Object Perception
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Download file to see previous pages A uniting of elements in different groups in the visual output; formation of shape and 3-D structure to some of those elements; facilitation of objects seen earlier to be recognized; and evaluation of the way in which attention is focused on the objects. It includes pictured 2-D and 3-D objects, and illusory objects. Contrastingly, in the narrow sense, the term excludes “many of the conceptual or judgmental processes necessary to distinguish real objects from other entities” (Goldstein 2001, p.170).
Thesis Statement: The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast David Marr’s structural description and computational theories, with Irving Biederman’s recognition-by-components theory of object perception.
“The psychological study of visual perception grew out of the philosophy of mind” (Bruce et al 2003, p.77) which believes that increased knowledge of the world is acquired through observation and recognition of objects in the environment. Emerging from the artificial intelligence tradition is Marr’s 1982 theoretical approach to visual perception. Advanced research in the domain of visual perception has been based on Marr’s concept. Biederman, 1987 developed the recognition-by-components (RBC) theory of human object perception that is related to early ideas from Marr and other perception psychologists. However, Biederman has revealed evidence of some fundamental differences through psychological experiments conducted by him.
The first workable structural description theory for human object perception was put forth in 1978 by David Marr and Keith Nishihara. This theory advances that the different sections of an object such as a cat’s leg are “represented by 3-D primitives called generalized cones which specified arbitrary 3-D shapes with a set of parameters” (Goldstein 2009, p.645). For instance, a cylinder can be created by dragging a circular cross-section along a straight line.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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