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Several Different Definitions of the Activity Theory - Article Example

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 This essay discusses understanding the fundamental concepts of the Activity Theory and constructing a practical framework within which the specific theoretical perspective can generate an efficient understanding of the human behavior and the interactivities between different constituents…
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Several Different Definitions of the Activity Theory
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Download file to see previous pages Yagamata - Lynch, and Smaldino (2007) define Activity theory as an interdisciplinary framework (combining and integrating psychological, philosophical and organizational fields) which attempts to study the individuals’ behaviors and practices within the context of exploring the interactivities of humans with their social and cultural environments. Diaper (2008) states that the Activity Theory is a systematic study of the way in which the different components or factors that intervene in the decision-making process and the planning procedure gradually interact with each other under the scope of influencing human behavior and human ‘placement’ within the social environment. Under a slightly different perspective, Hasan (2002) posits that the Activity Theory is a general framework that is drawn from multiple disciplines and focuses on the study of people’s actions within the context of the influential forces stemming from a number of different aspects such as the individuals’ perspectives, the interaction with other humans, the cultural and social infrastructure of the site in which actions take place and the goals or targets that each activity is directed to.
Although there are several different definitions of the Activity Theory available in literature, the underpinning conceptual basis remains the same as initially introduced by Vygotsky in the early 1920s and further developed by Leontiev and Engestrom; human activity, learning and the social environment in which individuals interact are highly interrelated and need to be studied in conjunction in an attempt to understand human behaviour (Diaper, 2008; Yamagata-Lynch and Smaldino, 2007). Vygotsky, drawing from the philosophical perspectives and the political theory developed by Marx, conceptualized the importance of exploring the contribution of the environment in shaping both learning and produced activities (Foot, 2001).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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