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The Story of a Divided Self: Wilhelm Wundt - Article Example

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In the paper “The Story of a Divided Self: Wilhelm Wundt” the author discusses the experiments that Wundt conducted. They mainly were ground-breaking in nature since they were deviating from the conventional methods of studying psychology to new ways…
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The Story of a Divided Self: Wilhelm Wundt
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Extract of sample "The Story of a Divided Self: Wilhelm Wundt"

Download file to see previous pages Wundt was the initiator of the conception of the identification of occurrences in the mind in relation to external stimuli that could be measurable. In his view, the human mind needs to be considered as an action rather than an object (Harvey 2007). This view was focused on the perception that psychology was not just a subject, but a complex one too that comprised a philosophical perspective in the manner that people perceive issues.
In Wundt’s perspective, psychology that encompassed the physiology was understood as a study that was focused on the processes of reactions that originated from exposure of the sensory cells to stimuli, leading to the motivation of the brain and then the muscles of the body leading to a particular behavior in reaction to the stimuli (Bembenutty 2007). This process was paralleled by the contemplation of an individual’s thoughts which defined the events of the mental activities in life. This contemplation was what Wundt based psychological experimentations. In other words, introspection was fundamental to the success of the works of Wundt (Shana 2005).
Hochstetler (2007) confirms Wundt’s claim that feelings can either be positive or negative. On the other hand, they can also be mixed whereby an individual can feel relaxed, anxious and tense at the same time. Even though the perception of Wundt in regard to using introspection stopped being used in the early 20th century, he proved to the psychologists then and in later years that the study of psychology involved experimentation. This led to a change of the standpoint of the earliest psychologists and scientists that psychology was not a science to accept Wundt’s viewpoint that it was indeed a science, and an experimental one for that matter (Harvey 2007).
William James
William James (1842-1910) was a psychologist but preferred to be a philosopher. His field of expertise in which he had been trained was medicine, but he mainly wanted to understand the science that medicine involves rather than becoming a medical doctor. He taught psychology, philosophy, and physiology (Kashima et al. 2007). James became a professor of psychology in 1885. His advancement in psychology was facilitated by his interest in studying the human mind. During this time, the field of psychology had not advanced since few scientists had engaged in this kind of study. Moreover, it was tending to become more science oriented. He contributed largely to the introduction of scientific psychology at Harvard (Pihlström 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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