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Systematic Thinking and Achieving Goals - Essay Example

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An author of the present paper "Systematic Thinking and Achieving Goals" seeks to examine the benefits of systematic thinking and evaluate is it worth studying. Additionally, the following essay will discuss the contribution of the systematic thinking to the therapy…
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Systematic Thinking and Achieving Goals
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Download file to see previous pages Here the management has themselves deliberately immersed themselves in critical but confusing situations. There are no priorities for the imaging department to generate reports for the patients depending on the condition of the patient. Those waiting for cardiac scan reports are not largely concerned with the reports. This is because they are not feeling ill. The process of imaging for the patients, setting priorities of patient reports generation and providing information are all vague. The management is not concerned about the time it takes for individual reports to be made and distributed. Improvement from this mess will not be a set of independent activities which can rectify the mess. In fact, the restructuring will be required as this mess cannot be decomposed into independent components.
The patients agreed on the point that if they get all the information, then their worries will be much lesser. Patients with physical illnesses were more concerned about their reports. Other patients such as those with cardiac problems were less worried as they did not have any physical illness.
Systemic thinking is thinking of interdependent variables of a situation in a holistic view. This concept takes into account the integrative nature of each part of the situation ( When a situation is thought of being a “system of a system”, that is when the situation is systemic in nature. The system allows an individual to think and observe the working of each part of the system and how it influences and communicates with the whole system. Systemic thinking is a way of looking into complex problems and situations (Systemic Development Institute). The parts of the systems can be studied but not altered individually. Therefore to get changes in the outcomes, the whole system has to be changed.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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