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Gestalt Therapy Plan - Essay Example

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The paper “Gestalt Therapy Plan” seeks to evaluate the case of mental angst and interpersonal conflict of the patient, Mrs. Iris. The subject is under continuous conflict against people, with whom she has to interact on a daily basis. They include mainly her husband and her classmates at the school…
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Gestalt Therapy Plan
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Download file to see previous pages Due to this reason, she has always felt like staying closely attached with him but his work, his habit of consuming alcohol, his tendency to compare his wife with other women in his life and finally, in a drunken state, his threat to kill her, have created a psychological distance. This later led to detachment between Mrs. Iris and her husband. Compared to her husband the subject is deeply affected as she has developed a kind of perception that her last shelter for emotional dependence is lost. Consecutively, physical abuse from her husband has also created a kind of fear in her.
The case under study also makes it clear that all the spheres from where the subject has sought for emotional support have deprived her. Each of the people, with whom she has tried to be closed or attempted to be emotionally dependent, on most of the cases, are men. Apart from her relationships with men she always had an inclination to be close to her mother. Here again, she has also been by her father, who at the same time, gave more priority to her brother and inflicted verbal abuses on her. Thus, it is quite inevitable that she would develop a kind of psychological hostility or distance from men deep within her subconscious self and it has ultimately led her to the sense of detachment. This is one of the important issues of discussion in the paper. Her husband’s discussions about his ex-girlfriend as well as women in his workplace have provided her with an impression that he is not committed towards her. Additionally, the instructor of her school, with whom she also tried to be close with, had relationships with several other students. This has ultimately provided her with an impression that men are not committed. Consequently, she also has developed a perception that men are always unfaithful. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gestalt Therapy Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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