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In the essay “Learned Helplessness and Personal Control,” the author compares learned helplessness and personal control, which have a factor in common and that is they oscillate between extreme emotional behaviors. The former refers to the behavioral tendency of an individual…
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Learned Helplessness and Personal Control
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Generally, the demarcations between an extrovert and an introvert are established through many factors like the overall levels of energy available and can also be attributed to certain physiological differences in the brain. Apart from that, the surrounding environment and the nature of the parental brought up also decides the levels of sociability of an individual in life.
People choose to stay in a battering situation when they are either scared of the offender or believe that the batterer is actually correct and knows what they are doing. Financial dependency, social norms, emotional voids, religious and cultural obligations, loneliness, etc are some of the reasons that draw people into the ‘Stockholm’ or the ‘Hostage’ syndrome. A general sense of fear, the presence of unreasonable false gratitude accompanied by a total lack of awareness that help is available are some of the other reasons that explain this. Therefore, a personality flaw, as a defense mechanism, develops more often than not as a result of holding on to the batterer and continuously suffering and may not be the principal cause of staying in a battering relationship. Learned helplessness increases the probability of a person staying in a battering relationship, as the person involved is already predisposed towards a feeling of utter helplessness and rejection. Read More
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(Learned Helplessness and Personal Control Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 334 Words)
Learned Helplessness and Personal Control Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 334 Words.
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