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The paper “A Charismatic Leader” discusses charisma, which has been described as an attribute like trait. This is a behavioral outcome that manifests on an individual who has a vision and the ability to carry it out. Usually, such individuals assume power just because they exude confidence…
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Although the leaders are not specifically trained for crisis management they do develop these traits at an early stage. They seem to lean back on their various experiences and bring about spectacular changes.
A charismatic leader is able to attract his subordinates and is looked upon as an icon to be emulated. He instills this confidence in his followers by offering them vision as well as support. He is a performer hence he is able to show this charisma by setting the example through his person. This is the way he builds teams and dedicated workers. He is not short in praising them or helping them out in difficult situations.
Often such leaders pass on the credit to their subordinates as this generates goodwill and loyalty; the two outstanding attributes of a truly charismatic leader. Indeed it is this attitude and behavior of the leader that has been the basis of the definition by Conger and Kanungo when they say that he possesses unconditional qualities. Read More
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A Charismatic Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 268 Words.
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