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Dream Analysis & Consciousness - Essay Example

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The present essay entitled "Dream Analysis & Consciousness" concerns psychological phenomena. Admittedly, from psychological viewpoints, dreaming is a state of consciousness characterized by a series of complex subjective visions during sleep…
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Dream Analysis & Consciousness
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Download file to see previous pages The proposed framework we will follow consists of three imperatives:
1) The fact that a full-scale hallucinatory world of subjective experience during sleep exists logically sets apart the physical and psychological phenomena worth considering for interpreting conscious experience from those that are not necessary at all (Revonsuo, 1995, 1998).
2) The composition and structure of phenomenal dream imageries and their interrelation within the world of dreams can be analyzed and measured (Domhoff, 1996; Strauch & Meier, 1996). It might be noted that the theory of ‘bizarreness’ in dream content analysis research can be effectively linked to the concept of ‘binding’ in consciousness studies (Revonsuo & Salmivalli 1995; Kahn et al, 1997; Revonsuo, 1999).
3) The evolution of dreaming and consciousness is of paramount importance in consciousness studies. In comprehending the function of consciousness, existing theories tend to delve into explaining epiphenomenalism – either the philosophical section which states that mental events are induced by physical events in the brain, but they do not influence any physical event in any way; or the biological section dealing with the weak connection between phenomenal consciousness and biologically functional events. Now if we take into account the epiphenomenal aspects of consciousness, we must also understand that dreaming, being a phenomenal experience must also be epiphenomenal. On the other hand, if we can establish that dreaming has tangible implications in the realms of biologically functional events, we would be able to infer that at least some varieties of phenomenal consciousness do possess causative powers and operational importance in the real world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Dream Analysis & Consciousness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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