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Recommendations for Juanita Smith Concerning her Mother's Problems - Essay Example

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The paper "Recommendations for Juanita Smith Concerning her Mother's Problems" describes that Mrs. Gutierrez is capable of living alone at the present, but might not always.  Juanita needs the education tools to decide what is best for her mother.   …
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Recommendations for Juanita Smith Concerning her Mothers Problems
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Extract of sample "Recommendations for Juanita Smith Concerning her Mother's Problems"

Download file to see previous pages Mrs. Gutierrez does appear to be in good health. This is one of her strengths. Although absentminded and aloof, she does take good enough care of herself to be healthy. Mrs. Gutierrez is also cooperative with her daughter. She allows her daughter to help with banking, shopping, and doctor visits. Mrs. Gutierrez answers the phone when her daughter calls every few days. Her cooperation is a big strength. Mrs. Gutierrez’s biggest strength is her cooperation with me. Many elderly individuals are sullen, unresponsive, and refuse my help. Mrs. Gutierrez’s cooperation is going to allow the recommended resources to help her.
Juanita Smith is her mother’s only surviving child, with the closest relatives residing in Mexico. This is the biggest concern pertaining to Juanita. She is her mother’s sole caregiver. The second concern is Juanita’s job, which requires travel for weeks at a time. Juanita is afraid to leave Mrs. Gutierrez alone for that period of time. The last concern would be educating Juanita in support groups for sole caregivers of the elderly.
Juanita’s strengths are impressive. She is strong enough to take care of her mother, but more importantly, had the courage to seek out help when her caregiver and job roles conflicted. These two strengths will help implement recommendations made by this office. The greatest strength of Juanita is love for her mother. This love has led her to take care of her widowed mother and to this office.
I recommend that Mrs. Gutierrez can remain in her home if a few suggestions are implemented. The first recommendation would be for Juanita to enroll her mother in a local Meal-on-Wheels program. Meal-on-Wheels is a program that gives seniors a hot lunch during weekdays, along with cold sandwiches and milk for snacks or supper.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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