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The insignificance of personality testing - Essay Example

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The paper seeks to answer the questions: Which types of personality tests are the most intriguing? Why is an empirical validation of personality assessments important? How are the results of a personality assessment used by the courts, employers, therapists,  and the educational system?…
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The insignificance of personality testing
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that Frustration Study is a good example of the ingenuity that goes into the construction of some projective tests. The subject is presented with 24 cartoon-like pictures involving two central characters, one of whom is involved in a frustrating or annoying situation. The other character is depicted as saying something that adds to the frustration of the first character or helps to define the nature of frustration. The subject is asked to supply the reply that would be made by the first character in each cartoon. Responses are scored in terms of whether they indicate a tendency to express aggression against the environment or toward the self, or whether the subject tries to gloss over or belittle the frustration. Empirical validity is the degree to which the test actually measures what it purports to measure. This also provides a direct check on how well the test results function. Validity coefficient enables us to determine how closely the criterion performance could have been predicted from the test scores. The more valid and reliable the test, the smaller the margin of error. Empirical Trial is the only way to answer the reliability of a psychological test and it is also an objective evaluation of psychological tests. Test reliability is the consistency of scores obtained by the same persons when retested with identical test or equivalent form of the test. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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