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The SAT Reasoning Test - Essay Example

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This research paper “The SAT Reasoning Test” aims to investigate into why the present SAT design is not an appropriate indicator of a student’s capabilities and intelligence and why it needs to undergo further changes…
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The SAT Reasoning Test
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Download file to see previous pages Standardization is when norms and uniform procedures must be established for giving and scoring in a particular test. Reliability includes that the test should be such that measures stable and consistent scores when the test is administered the second time and lastly validity is when the results measure what the true purpose of conducting the test was (Huffman, 2007). SAT is standard for everyone and is also reliable at the same time. But when it comes to validity, some people argue that the results of the test do not show the true intelligence of the person. Why is this so? According to K12 Academics, which is an Education Resource Centre, the analogies in the verbal section are ambiguous and there are errors in scoring of math scores. However, in 2001 Richard C. Atkinson urged the American Council of Education to drop SAT Reasoning test as a college admission requirement. He recommended making this test optional. Because of this, in 2005, the pattern of the SAT Reasoning test was changed. (K12 Academics, 2008) In 2006, the average national score of the SAT dropped by seven percentage points from 2005. (Huffman, 2007). This was the largest drop in 31 years and was reported in the ‘Yale Daily News’ by Josh Duboff (2008). An article published in 2007 by Maya Srikishnan, who is a reporter for ‘The Daily Texan’, reports that this new and improved test also got criticized because of its writing section. This section required students to write an essay in 25 minutes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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