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John L. Holland and the Self-Directed Search - Essay Example

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An essay "John L. Holland and the Self-Directed Search " claims that  Holland worked as an interviewer for the military and observed that most people he interviewed had common personality types. He created six categories from this work that he felt all people fell into…
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John L. Holland and the Self-Directed Search
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Extract of sample "John L. Holland and the Self-Directed Search"

Download file to see previous pages When a person takes the Self-Directed Search, they look at the three highest scores from the six. These three form the "code" for each individual. Once they have this code, they can then take the code to the Dictionary of Holland Occupational Codes and find thousands of careers that have that code. Holland understood that each personality type had a relationship with the others and he built this information into a hexagon that shows their relationship. He says that the types that are adjacent to each other are the ones that have the most in common with each other. As an example, the Artistic type shares a connection with the Social and the Investigative type. It also has some relationship with the Social and Enterprising types. The purpose of the hexagon was to make it easier to see these relationships (Western Carolina University). Holland also translated these same types into work environments. He said that those people who found work in the environment that was similar to their personality type were most successful. The six work environments are: Artistic -- the artistic work environment is full of mechanical or electrical drawings, work with tools and animals in their day to day work. Some of the c careers that match this are Police Officer, Carpenter, Electrician, and Locksmith. Investigative-- this work environment is often scientific or research oriented. These individuals like labs and intellectual work. Some of the careers that apply here are Chemist, Biologist, Mathematician, Physician, and Forensic Scientist. Artistic -- the artistic environment will be where you find dancers, artists, writers and other creative types. It will be a space where people can express themselves. Careers in this field include Writer, Editor, Musician, and Comedian.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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