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The writer of the essay "Perception versus Reality" suggests that it is healthy for people to understand that the way they perceive pictures, events or themselves quite possibly is an illusion. This opens the door for questioning one’s perceptions of reality and fosters personal growth…
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Perception versus Reality
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Perception versus Reality What we perceive is real, or is it? It may appear real to at first glance but is it reality or simply what we perceive reality to be? The optical illusions presented on the website lead us to ask these questions not simply regarding illustrations designed to ‘trick’ the mind’s eye but other applications as well. We gather information through the five senses which then transmits it to the brain which analysis and interprets this input. Deciding what is actual realty is, on the surface, very simple but as the optical illusions demonstrates, the sense of sight is not always accurate which makes one wonder about the other senses and what internal and external factors affect the interpretation of all information entering the brain.
Is it just me?
Visual illustrations designed to exploit deficiencies inherent in all people affect me in same way as anyone else therefore, I don’t take it personally. Certain patters or types of eye-mind stimulus initiate similar observations. The definition of ‘real’ is the operative question. Real is simply what one perceives to be real. What is real to one person could be an illusion to another. This brings up questions that go well beyond simple pictures designed to utilize the shortcomings of the eye-mind relationship that draw attention to one aspect of a picture and away from others.
Perception is in the Eye of the Beholder
Generally speaking, visual perceptions are extremely accurate. How else could people drive cars without causing several accidents, even on short trips? A deeper question might be not how our eyes can be deceived from an illustration but how our minds can be deceived by outside forces that distort how what is seen is inevitably interpreted by the mind. What is real to one person in day to day activities is an illusion to others unlike eye-brain illusions where everyone reaches similar conclusions. What people perceive as reality is the result of many different internal and external factors. What the eye perceives as genuine could easily be an optical illusion, an involuntary phenomenon that cannot be controlled. The mind, conversely, can be taught or is pre-programmed to perceive certain thing in certain ways. The difference is distortions of the eye are externally generated purposefully to exploit the limitations of the eye-mind connection while the distortions of events and other life realities come from the limitations of experience and knowledge.
The Sky is Blue
Illusions of the eye matter little to everyday experiences. It seems we can rely on visual experiences because they are commonly shared by everyone. If it is true for all then the experience is validated and can be relied upon for everyday usage. The sky is not blue; it’s an illusion but since all agree it is in fact blue makes the experience real for use in everyday living. However, knowing the sky is not blue leads one to question other, less universally agreed upon concepts that are thought to be real.
A person’s perception of illustrations or events is their realty, at least until that perception changes. Perhaps it is healthy for people to understand that the way they perceive pictures, events or themselves quite possibly is an illusion. This opens the door for questioning one’s perceptions of reality and fosters personal growth. Read More
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