Role of Social Skills and Social Status in Aggressive Behavior - Assignment Example

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The paper aims to fully explain the role that social skills and social status-or the lack thereof-may play in aggressive behavior giving real-life examples. It will also describe how a person’s ability to make choices influences aggression, coercive action, and anger in human motivation…
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Role of Social Skills and Social Status in Aggressive Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages In terms of social status, the person with higher status generally has lesser aggressive behavior than poor persons. For, the rich have so many choices to choose from. Whereas, the poor are more aggressive for the poor to have lesser choices to pick from. Consequently, the poor will try to force the other side to implement their choice. For example, the rich can choose to eat at the exclusive but costly restaurants because they prefer privacy and the restaurant ambiance is filled with only a few people. Or, the rich can choose to eat a hurried lunch at the fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken. Here, the McDonalds place is bustling tight with people both young and old. Thus, a person who does not have social skills usually ends up behaving aggressively in order to get attention or to get the other person’s forced approval. Furthermore, the person that is lesser in social status will be more aggressive because he or she is not after the social status in life but rather what to eat now, what to wear now and where.
According to the journal Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology (Nanale et al., 2004), Homophily is a natural phenomenon. It is the standard situation where people would rather join a group that has similar likes and dislikes as they have. The popular saying “birds of the same feather flock together” explains this. This is generally true with human behavior. Thus, friendship is more solid between friends of the same interest ( prefer NBA, Soccer, poker, girls, drinks and even nightspots) as compared to friendships between relatives and people who are not friends.
As discussed above, the person that has the ability to make choices will have less aggressive human motivation. In turn, these people are likewise less coercive and angry for they will generally not force their wishes on the other persons. To reiterate, a person who can make choices from many alternative actions is less aggressive than a person who can not make choices due to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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