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In the paper “Ethic codes of a profession in the state of Texas” the author analyzes a code of ethics, social responsibility and a license to practice a profession. In the USA the Code of Federal Regulations or CFR distinguishes between professional study and academic education…
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Ethic Codes of a Profession in the State of Texas
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Download file to see previous pages The Texas Education Code empowers the State Board of Education to make rules that are governed by the Texas Administrative Code. Under the Texas Education Code, the Commissioner of Education is authorized to enforce rules in the areas of education. In the United States teachers need to fulfill certain requirements in order to obtain a certificate to teach students. These requirements vary from state to state. In general these requirements are completion of a certified education program, completion of a student teaching program, acceptable performance on a standardized test and submission of bio data to the concerned authorities (Teacher Certification).
In Texas, teachers’ certificates can be repealed or suspended if a teacher’s conduct is in breach of the law, if the teacher is found incompetent or inappropriate to teach the youth of the state, if the teacher rescinds his contract or if the teacher was involved in criminal activities and had been convicted. Under those circumstances teachers may be dismissed or placed under suspension. The State Board for Educator Certification requires teachers in Texas to take the state mandated examination prior to obtaining eligibility for certification (Teacher Certification).
Licensing for health practitioner is primarily intended to safeguard the public from incompetent or fake practitioners. It also protects the profession from unauthorized competition. Licensing enhances the dignity and honor of the profession. It controls entry into the profession. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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