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American Psycho: Inside the Tortured Mind of Edward Gein - Essay Example

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This paper examines crime and deviance, looking at the different theories on what causes criminal behavior with the main focus on the family and childhood. The author pays particular attention to the case of Ed Gein, aka the “Plainfield ghoul”, exploring his childhood and linking it to his criminal behavior…
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American Psycho: Inside the Tortured Mind of Edward Gein
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Extract of sample "American Psycho: Inside the Tortured Mind of Edward Gein"

Download file to see previous pages Today, deviance and crime plague American society. There are vast degrees of deviance, from a simple shoplifter, to a car theft, to a killing machine with no conscience, otherwise known as the serial killer. But how is this killing machine created? Where and how does this type of criminal behavior begin? The answers to these questions must be addressed in order to stop the formation of this deviance. This paper will investigate the life of one of America’s most infamous criminal deviants, Edward Gein, to answer these questions.
In the search for the answer, the question of nature vs. nurture is inevitably brought up. Scientists and psychologists have debated over whether a child's upbringing forms their behavior or whether they are born with a personality. Most scientists believe that biological dysfunctions and physical illnesses are the factors that bring on this type of deviance. Most psychologists will argue family, society, environment, and the media cause criminal behavior. Many factors contribute to this frightening deviance, but the root of criminal behavior lies in the home and the family structure of children.
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