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In the paper “Erikson’s Development Model” the author analyzes Erikson’s Emotional Model of Human Development. Erikson has divided personality development process into eight stages. He states first stage as “Trust vs. Mistrust”, where child builds up trust with the personality fulfilling his needs…
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Eriksons Development Model
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Download file to see previous pages Otherwise, he will look for other organizations. Second stage of the model reveals child’s toddler hood that indicates need of confidence in personality. If parents let the child exercise his capabilities freely, (Davis & Clifton, 1995), his autonomy will increase. Young graduates, while climbing the ladder of career development, feel the need of exploration of new dimensions. An environment that offers him better chances, his performance improves. Erikson calls the third stage as “Initiative vs. Guilt”. If child is granted choice, he develops a positive view of self. If not allowed to make independent choice, tends to develop guilt over taking initiative, and will refrain from taking an active stance. (Payne, 1991:304). While discussing man’s professional years, it is clear that once an individual undergoes so many restrictions, his decision power shatters largely. He seeks support from other people even on trivial issues.  
    The theorist calls fourth stage as “Accomplishment/Industry vs. Inferiority”. Bringing a productive situation to completion is an aim, according to Davis & Clifton (1995), which gradually supersedes the whims and wishes of play. Child needs to expand understanding of the world, Payne (1991) observes, continue age-appropriate gender-role identity, & learn basic skills. Failure to do so results in sense of inadequacy. After few years of professional life, a person develops social relationship within and outside his work place. His continuous interaction with people supports him in growth. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Eriksons Development Model Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5500 Words.
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