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Everything That Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger - Essay Example

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The author of the essay “Everything That Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger” shares his memories of the ups and downs of life that he had to endure and concludes that any stressors and life trials help us understand our own essence and contribute to our spiritual growth…
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Everything That Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger
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Extract of sample "Everything That Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger"

Download file to see previous pages Conflicts have been defined in a numerous way but one common theme that runs across its various meanings is the notion of the clash, of opposition, of the fight, of struggle. And I am not unfamiliar with it… Still fresh in my memory is one conflict that I have been through prior to my coming to college. When everybody was busy and frantic about what they were going to do right after their secondary education, I was already certain that I would be pursuing college. In fact, I was really resolute in pursuing a degree. Fortunately for me, my parents and I were basically in agreement regarding this matter. However, that was where we only meet. As I look into my future and try to imagine what I would someday become I have realized that what I want is to be in the field of sciences and to be more particular in the field of Physics. Or if not Physics then I would love to do Philosophy. Although, to be honest, I really do not know what I would be doing right after finishing Physics or Philosophy but still, I have set my heart on it. Unfortunately, my mother has a different plan. She wants me to enter in Hotel and Restaurant Management or Nursing because that is the trend and those two fields are in demand. Deep in my heart, I know that she is correct. And that what she is trying to do is that she is opening to me other possibilities or channels that I may not be seeing or taking notice of.

But you see I cannot just throw away the things that really catch my fancy, the stuff that I love to do, the things that I would like to learn. Besides, being young, I am still being idealistic. I have this notion that in college the rudiments of textbooks should no longer burden one. But one rather should already see the beauty of knowledge itself. So, I often tell myself in college, I will be pursuing my interests. But you see reality checks. I found myself in a situation wherein my self-interests conflict with that of my mother. Though I see it as a kind of conflict that will lead to a positive solution but still I know at the same time that I cannot have both.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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