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Do Health Psychology Theories Help Smokers Overcome Their Addiction to Cigarette Smoking - Essay Example

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The health belief model explains and predicts health behaviour of individuals on the basis of attitudes and beliefs with regard to disease, especially with perceptions on barriers, benefits and susceptibility. …
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Do Health Psychology Theories Help Smokers Overcome Their Addiction to Cigarette Smoking
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Extract of sample "Do Health Psychology Theories Help Smokers Overcome Their Addiction to Cigarette Smoking"

Download file to see previous pages Inhaling of tobacco smoke causes the nicotine present in it to reach the brain almost immediately. The brain as a result of the stimulation of nicotine releases dopamine. Dopamine provides smokers with a feeling of pleasure and this leads to the craving to smoke among cigarette smokers. Gradually the frequency of smoking increases to maintain sufficient nicotine levels and addiction to smoking is the result. Health psychology refers to a recent development in the field of applied psychology. Health psychology utilises psychological theories to intervene and prevent damaging behaviours, which includes smoking. Health psychology also encourages behaviours that aid in the maintenance of good health, like exercising. Health psychology is also associated with health related cognitions, processes that have an impact on healthcare delivery systems and the psychological aspects of illness. Health psychology is an emerging branch of applied psychology and as such may have its limitations. There is a suggestion that health psychology may be lacking in standardized terminology and a unified theoretical framework that is necessary for the prediction and explanation of health behaviour ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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