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Gender Psychology - Essay Example

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This essay is an attempt at studying the representations of interactions that take place between men and women - the interactions that form the basis of gender psychology. In this paper, I will be conducting content analysis of a particular scene that takes place between a man and a woman on Coronation Street, so as to assess the framework they fit into in terms of gender psychology and the gender representations that are apparent in this scene.
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Gender Psychology
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, since 1879, there have been an array of investigating cases and procedures as regards the thoughts and feelings under controlled conditions, as an attempt towards defining standardized measurements.
Through their verbal and non verbal interactions, the man and woman in the scene that takes place on Coronation Street represent that aspect of gender psychology where one person's introspections were the same as another's. The question that this paper is set to explore is how could one measure the intangible The central theme of gender psychology, therefore, has come to revolve around events that can be observed and precisely measured can be admitted to the theory, in other words overt behavior as well as external evidence of thought processes.
For analysis purpose, I have followed the scientific method in this paper to study the scene. My reasons for doing so are many. For starters, it has been found that more often than not, most studies come to the conclusion that at the beginning there are maximum people or variables to be studied. This number gradually decreases as the analysis progresses. In their search for "statistical significance," most people come to believe that the result was not likely to have occurred by chance. What follows then is a round of argument and counter-argument about the validity of the study and the way it has been carried out.
If it is just a matter of counting some accurately measurable physical entity, the results might be of some value. But for the purpose of analyzing two people to find out more about a particular theory or aspect, one would have rely on something that is less statistical and more accurate as far as hypothetical situations in real time circumstances are concerned. In order to avoid the confusion surrounding most psychological and social studies which stems from the few attributes of human beings can be defined so precisely, I have chosen to study the subjects in the scene as two separate variables with dynamic characteristics.
In this case, I intend to explore the problems through the premise that suggests that the obsession with the central figure may often lead to the variations being ignored or excluded. In this context, science, either studies individuals in terms of some hypothetical average person, or studies groups in which individual identity becomes submerged in the group behavior.
Through my methodology, I have tried to answer various questions. This methodology acknowledges the different approaches that taken to social psychology in terms of experimental and critical frameworks. While these approaches are in conflict with each other, I have attempted to find a cosy 'integration' between them and the two individuals who follow these approaches in the scene I have studied. Therefore I have tried to answer questions like:

-What is gender psychology - is it a natural or a social science
-How should gender psychology be studied - through experimentation or by analysing discourse
-What is the 'social' in gender psychology Is it how people's thoughts and behaviour are influenced by social forces and circumstances Or is it how social identities and social worlds get constructed
-Are gender ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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